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Perfect diet A-Z

By tightening up international regulations, we have developed a specific set of rules that we are especially proud of! Try our food and see for Yourself!

? More energy

Protein content optimised for your dog, so he/she never runs out of anything. It varies between 18-36% in our foods, depending on the dogs’ lifestyle.

? Keeping the taste buds fresh

We don’t use any artificial flavour enhancers as opposed to some dog food manufacturers. So your dog will always have those heavenly fresh and juicy bites.

? Snapping happiness

There is no vital vitamin that is not in our diets. We don’t just put vitamin C in our product, because it sounds good. We only use ingredients that your dog really needs.

⚕️ Full protection

If you choose us and we have your trust, you no longer have to go to the vet for dietary-related issues. Only for praise, max.

? Total freedom

Nowadays, there is so much going on in our minds. From kids’ school shows to work tasks, why should you add the unnecessary worry of knowing what healthy food to feed your dog? Leave this work to us!

? We deliver to your home

In cooperation with DPD courier service, all your orders come to your home. However, if you want, you can also order to a DPD package point.

Get to know us better

We post dog tips and advices on our blog. These are short articles that may be interesting to dog owners. Do not hesitate and check them yourself!

Next day delivery

If you place your order before noon, your package will arrive the very next day and can land immediately into your dog’s bowl. Don’t forget, we deliver everywhere in Europe!

Premium ingredients

The raw materials for all our products come from controlled farmers. For us, the safety of your dog is the most important! See for yourself!

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